Are this year’s Super Bowl ads, super?

Super Bowl ad break slots are notoriously expensive.
But are brands doing them justice? Our team went into a huddle to decide who smashed it and who fumbled it.


The Cheetos ad hits the sweet spot for me. Simple, observational, based on insight and totally single minded. Paired perfectly with the iconic track: ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer. Pass me a packet. – Rachel Cunningham


With an ad in a film in an ad in a film, Jeep’s ‘Groundhog Day’ with Bill Murray, cut through largely because it’s juxtaposed to Jeep’s message: ‘No day is the same in a Jeep’. It’s a paint-by-numbers hit – feature a hero celebrity, connect brand message to the truth of that story, and entertain, entertain, entertain. Simples. – Tim Wilson-Frier


It was hard to see how Doritos would beat last year’s Super Bowl ad, but somehow they managed to. Catchy and humorous, with genius subtle hints throughout make it the coolest Super Bowl 2020 ad for me. – Billie Bogg


SodaStream Discovers Water on Mars. Making H2O exciting with a lovely set up and a cracking line to finish that made me laugh out loud – “Oh, I thought that said Mark’s water”.

A neat way of reminding us that SodaStream helps protect our own planet. – Paul Wallett

Porsche – The Heist

For me the OTT Fast & Furious theme in ‘The Heist’ is a bit crass for Porsche – where’s the class?  I liked that they’ve capitalised on the car’s USP, it really is the only ‘drivers’ electric car on the market. Showing the iconic 917K through to the 918 Spyder demonstrates the companies sporting heritage and technical prowess in a way Tesla can’t. A perfect piece of positioning. – George Kerr

Bud Light – #PostyBar

It might not be the first time we’ve seen this set up (I’m thinking The Numbskulls and Inside Out), but this is done with wit and charm throughout. From the commitment to face tattoos to the spleen guy’s desperation to be included. And another great line to finish: “Sorry, I’m just talking to my spleen.” Good stuff. – Paul Wallett

Google – Loretta

A simple and emotional ad that uses Google virtual assistant to tug at heartstrings with its powerful narrative. A nice way to show how every generation can use this type of technology on a daily basis. Great ad, but should this have been aired at the Super Bowl? Maybe not…it’s a bit of a mood killer! – Sarah Thorpe

Rocket Mortgage

Take an unknown brand and make it a household name. A tough job, but if anyone can do it, Aquaman can. In this ad for Rocket Mortgage (who?) Jason Momoa is shown letting his guard down in the comfort of his own home; shedding his trademark muscles and long hair and becoming, dare we say it, Mr. Average. Behind the obviously massive budget, is a really simple creative idea that will make men the world over feel slightly less inadequate. Funny, engaging and disturbing in equal measure… it’s certainly divided opinion on social media, and that’s a good thing, right? But I’ll leave the last say to my wife who proclaimed, with no thought or hesitation after watching: “I still would”. And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking about taking out a mortgage. – Roger Hadfield

Hyundai – Smaht Pahk

Light-hearted and charming, Hyundai’s Smaht Pahk was the most memorable ad for me. The hammy focus on Boston’s distinctive accent means you cannot forget the new Sonata’s ‘smaht pahk’ feature.

Even with the use high profile actors, the ad doesn’t take itself too seriously, and unlike most car ads, focuses less on the car and more on the specific piece of tech through the clever use of dialogue and humour. Stole the show for me. For a sweet extra touch, Sonata’s product page on Hyundai’s website can now be explored ‘the Boston way’, where the text is converted to be read as a true Bostonian. – Sophie Norman

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