From users to clients: a user experience refresh for Ashfords

We’re excited to have launched a new website for Ashfords. Updating their existing site to the latest Umbraco 11 CMS, refreshing their digital brand, and entirely redesigning the user experience. All in the name of creating a simpler, more human way to find a lawyer.

When Ashfords briefed us to update their website at the end of 2022, beyond feeling that their existing site was due a refresh, they were conscious that clients were struggling to navigate it.

We saw this as an opportunity to create a streamlined online experience unlike anything you might expect from a law firm, and put together a dedicated team to deliver it.

First, we took a comprehensive audit of the existing site, highlighting limiting factors for its future performance. Benchmarking the site against competitors, we created a log of insights and opportunities to feed our prototypes – which we shared with Ashfords in weekly WIP sessions.

This led the way for us to really put the user first. We mapped the personas of Ashfords’ clients and predicted their potential journeys across the site, building our prototype UI designs around them. Making sure at every step, the tone of voice used was completely accessible. No knowledge of legal language required, unless you delved deeper into the site.

The result was an effective sitemap that resonated with both B2B and B2C audiences. To smoothen the transition, we also applied a temporary new look to the existing site in line with the new brand direction.

Finally, to make like easier for Ashfords, we built a custom block editor that made content editing and creation a breeze and automated a large chunk of the content migration process.

This, coupled with a new site hierarchy that prioritises high-engagement content, and data tracking across the whole site, left Ashfords with an effective, easy-to-maintain site for the future. And their clients with an easy means of finding what they’re looking for.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Marketing & Client Development Developer Sam Hunt had to say:

“Across the year, Krow has been an outstanding partner. They advised and guided us carefully at every stage to ensure we delivered a website that would meet our long-term needs.

“They have pre-empted issues, found solutions, and provided creative ideas. Importantly, they are willing to challenge and be challenged, which is essential on a complicated, multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder web build.

“The outcome – an engaging and well-designed website that will be a legal insight hub for our clients and a tool to show potential buyers why they should choose team Ashfords as their lawyers!”

See the new site for yourself here.

If you’re looking to put your clients first and provide them with an accessible, engaging online experience. Get in contact with Ian Hunter – he’d be delighted to help.

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