Sky Bingo is the UK’s fastest-growing bingo website, but how could we further increase momentum and boost them to the next level?


After extensive customer research, we discovered people don’t just play online bingo for the sense of community or the actual win. It’s more about the adrenaline rush that comes from the few moments when you need just one number to win – the ‘one-to-go’ feeling.

In Sky Bingo’s biggest campaign to date, our ‘Expect Excitement’ TV ad dramatically highlighted how a single number is a powerful source of excitement when it’s the one you need. The striking ad was talked about in the advertising press as “a bold kick up the backside for the category”.

We took our campaign across multiple channels, including Spotify, digital display ads and social platforms – including their first use of Facebook Live.


Our multi-level approach made Sky Bingo a brand that customers would be excited to be around. With creative social ideas such as a candle race and Christmas Bingo, we’ve already clocked up over 24 hours of viewing time and seen a whopping 274% page growth.

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