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Newburn Bakehouse, Warburtons’ original gluten free loaf, was a pretty tasty alternative to traditional bread. But in a market dominated by Genius and their hefty marketing budgets, how could we cut through with a much lower spend?


Genius had been having some well-publicised quality issues, so we saw a mouth-watering opportunity to talk to their disgruntled customers. We ran a sampling campaign across social channels and eCRM giving Genius customers the chance to try the Farmhouse Loaf range. We also targeted the wider audience through paid and promoted social ads.

This all drove the audience to a Facebook app which allowed the data capture for the follow-up survey. Through social listening we were able to further target the unhappy Genius community. Putting a smile on the faces of hundreds of gluten free bread lovers.


The app was promoted for 1.5 days and garnered 14,400 unique responses. Of the 14,400 emails sent through CM, there were 4400 survey completions. This information along with social listening has helped us target and engage with the audience of the main competitor, Genius.

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