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Oreo is the world’s biggest name in cookies, but Oreo Ice Cream was struggling to get noticed in the summer snack crowd. We had to create a stand-out ice cream brand, while staying true to the Oreo spirit.


We created a fun-filled world of Oreo Ice Cream. Our campaign showed the product range in mouth-watering detail, but we added Oreo playfulness by making each ice cream a centre of fun and enjoyment.

Working with illustrator Jack Hudson, we crafted a cool, stylish set of figures. From climbers gripping chunks of chocolate to swimmers leaping off creamy filling, each one was individually illustrated to create a fun look that would appeal to our market of 10-15 year olds and their families. We developed out-of-home, digital and social video executions with a bold series of static and video executions.

With a strong idea that could be universally understood, we worked with national marketing teams to help deliver their campaigns, while ensuring consistency as global brand guardians.


We put Oreo Ice Cream on the snack map with increased brand awareness and 11% more consumers wanting to try the products. Across all our markets, that’s thousands of new Oreo Ice Cream fans.

Oreo krow Central
Oreo krow Central

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