Ready brek is a legendary brand, but how could we make it a must-have for today’s audience?


66% of Brits love porridge, so we saw a great opportunity to take Ready brek out of its traditional kids’ cereal territory and make it a hearty, good quality brekkie for adults too.

In our 20” TV spot, we powered up the iconic Ready brek glow to generate strong cut-through, and combined mouth-watering product shots with smart humour to create a memorable return for the brand. Updating the classic strapline to present Ready brek as Central Heating for Everyone.


We helped reverse Ready brek’s decline with their biggest sales boost in two years – over 14% year-on-year. As part of an integrated push including pack redesign and a sales promotion, our ad also helped sales stay strong after the campaign ended, with a 10% surge. No mean feat when the rest of the hot cereal sector saw a 4% dip.

Today, the brand’s value stands at £10.3m, compared to £8.8m before the campaign. And more than two million UK homes now have Ready brek in their cupboards, up 7.2% or 276,000 households.

And the cherry on the porridge? In October 2019, Ready brek was the fastest-growing cereal brand*, full stop.

Very heart-warming results for our Client Helena Blincow, who said, “The relaunch TV campaign made a phenomenal difference to the Ready brek brand. krow met the brief perfectly and delivered a truly effective campaign keeping our core distinctive brand asset ‘the Ready brek glow’ at the heart of the idea.”

*Source: Nielsen data to the end of October 2019

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