Keeping businesses moving during the pandemic


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles landed on an offer that could really help their customers when they needed it most. We just needed to find an interesting way to tell people, one that could cut-through the ‘noise’ in the dry world of automotive aftersales.


With the pandemic in full flow, we used the offer to our advantage and understood that van owners needed to be concentrated on their work more than ever. They certainly didn’t want to be thinking about their cashflow.

So we came up with the simple idea that van owners don’t want to be thinking about their van, they want to be thinking about their work. Taking a dry finance offer and making the ‘ZERO THE HERO’, we were able to keep the offer front and centre and bring it slap-bang into their world.

Using mesmerising visuals and an ASMR soundbed that pulled the viewer into the action, grabbing their attention from the opening second and keeping it there. We used YouTube pre-rolls which allowed us to be super targeted to our very specific audience and capture them in a relaxed state (and make them feel even more relaxed with our films.)


Our simple, engaging solution hit over 850,000 full YouTube views and over 2.2 million display video full views (which was 230% and 155% above targets respectively). And our campaign continues to be a success, with views rising and visits to the 0% Finance webpage up 1,500% compared to the year before. Not bad for a campaign without a shot of a van in a workshop in sight.

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