In different countries across the world the Filippo Berio brand was disjointed, both strategically and in how it was represented. Multiple marketing departments working with multiple agencies meant little integration.

So how could we create a brand that was cohesive and consistent across the markets? One that stood for the same thing globally?


Before we could start, we carried out a full global audit of the brand, getting to know current perceptions around the world. We reviewed market conditions and the brand’s competitors globally. We also held workshops with all the key marketing teams globally to fully understand their challenges and needs.

We know from research that the one thing that unites their audience is a pursuit of authentic fine foods that are made with craft and love.

So, who better to talk about the passion that goes into Filippo Berio products, than the man himself? He set the standard for their oil and methods over 150 years ago – standards they still live up to to this day. So we put the founder at the heart of everything.

Our ‘his signature, our promise’ campaign was an ownable, authentic advertising idea. We created a comprehensive toolkit with a suite of assets and detailed instructions. The rules helped ensure consistency, but could also be flexed to suit the individual markets.


Our global toolkit has been used in 12 markets and growing. Each one completely buying into and owning the campaign. The campaign drove awareness and brand affinity, it also worked perfectly for consumers, trade and internal audiences.

Fabio Maccari Salov, Global CEO of Filippo Berio commented:

‘The best marketing campaign that Filippo Berio has ever produced.”

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