Flavouring a new audience.


Rajah Spices has been providing quality spices for over 90 years. Well loved by first generation British South Asians, awareness is much lower in second generation. So, we had to make Rajah famous with this younger audience.


Through our research we discovered that many British South Asians think of themselves as 100% British, 100% Asian. They loved taking the best bits of both cultures as and when they wish.

For our LIFE MORE FLAVOURED campaign we found real people with real stories to tell – and we made them the stars. We shared their amazing lives which all had many incredible parts to them.

Created using second gen British South Asian creatives, director, photographer and musicians, it was a real celebration of everything it means to be British Asian in today’s world. Exploring the richness, sharing the joy. Embracing the way South Asian backgrounds flavour the British experience.




Culturally relevant, our campaign stood out in a category where everyone else was just talking about food. It’s had over 34 million media impacts and already been nominated for several creative awards.

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